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You Retreats is the home of authentic virtual & self paced retreat programs. Our retreats are open to all, but especially to those who are fed up with being burnt out. We offer a better way of accessing rest & self-care that restores your vitality. In a world that seems to only be going faster & faster, we are here to help you to slow down, find balance & live a life in sync with your own natural rhythm & flow.

Virtual Retreats designed for YOU

Online, on-demand & self paced retreat programs that you can follow from the comfort of your own home or any other location of your choosing.

Online 1:1 Yoga & Meditation

Private online yoga & meditation lessons that help you to deepen your knowledge, learn something new or establish a yoga/meditation practice that aligns with your goals or needs.

Our Story

Our creation came from a woman who had had enough of the fast paced & overly masculine 'hustle' culture that seems to dominate our society today. Looking for a way to access quality self care for herself after becoming a mother, she realised that others were also searching for the same thing.....


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